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Specific Services

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Notary services 30 years experience. Mobile Notary. Loan signings.

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1919 Alameda #86,
San Mateo, CA 94403
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Reasonable Rates

Certified Notary Public

Even with modern technology, there still comes a time where you absolutely must have a hard copy of the agreements you make in your life. A certified notary public can act as an impartial witness when your important documents or contracts are signed. However, since many notaries are common-law notaries, they have no legal authority and cannot prepare documents or offer legal advice. If this is what you require, you should first verify that your notary is a notary-at-law or civil law notary.

Mobile Notary Service

While rare, a mobile notary service may be available to act as an impartial witness to agreements in rural or remote locations. There may be an additional fee associated with this service, but may be justified by not having to drive long distances to conclude the business at hand. In most cases however, you can conduct business with a certified notary in your area.